Our suite of programmes enables change for individuals, teams, and organisations level.

In keeping with our WAL approach, each programme requires participants to not only learn relevant change management and related management concepts and processes but actually apply them as well. All programmes are delivered in a virtual mode so that participants do not have to be away from their workplace while undertaking their programme.

Programmes for Individual Change

These programmes are for individual professional development.

Programmes for Manager and Team Change

This programme enables managers and their teams to implement change at a departmental level.

Programmes for Organisational Change

Organisational change is a strategic change process which normally takes a number of years to complete. Our integrated series of organisational change programmes use the WAL approach whereby organisational change is introduced in 3 cycles, for maximum effectiveness. However, progression to the cycle 2 and 3 programmes is entirely optional. In each cycle, senior managers will work with their management team to implement change across a division of the organisation.